You were the only one.

You have only ever been the only one who had the ability to steal me away. And even though it’s over and I may never talk to you again… if you wanted a slave, you could come take me away and lock me up in an apartment and i would live for you. i would take the brutal ass-fucking and then care for myself as you left me alone to go home to her. i understand you love her; i understand now why people say “That has nothing to do with me.” i didn’t want to be that girl but now i want to be nothing. Now i just want to be an object for you.

My life would be so different now if you were still in it. i know that.

Maybe i should say, my life is so different, now that you’re gone.

But i know i wouldn’t be so lost. So self-destructive. i know you would keep me in line, even just for my own safety.

To say i miss you is an understatement.

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