Part One.

While the room stayed silent, she could hear the quiet padding of multiple feet on the carpet behind her. She could sense the slight temperature change from the door being open. She could smell the scents of different men.

She couldn’t help but strain to make out what was happening, to anticipate something from the quiet shuffling behind her, even though deep inside, she already knew.

After a moment, everything went entirely silent.

The silence seemed to go on forever.

Her naked body kept still, colluding with the silence.

Then suddenly a deafening crack cut through, echoing against the brick walls. She barely heard it. She was struck by a sudden horrifying pain across her back. It felt as though her skin had been sliced right through. She couldn’t help but cry out, as much from the pain as from being startled.

Then again the sound and the pain and the scream and it flashes through her mind that she’s made a terrible mistake. Another lash and her skin begins to heat up, feeling like there is fire searing around the stinging slices. After another, she couldn’t keep her body from trying to move away.

A moment of reprieve and then a sudden revolting, thundering pain in her side. This knocked the wind out of her, and hardly any sound came from her mouth while a tall, cruel looking man stepped in front of her, into her line of vision. His eyes looked lustful, mischievous. And she could see, in the periphery, the head of a baseball bat settled in the palm of one hand while held in another. He watched as the expression in her eyes of curiosity changed to fear; then he smiled at it. He lifted the tip of the bat toward her face, pointing it at her. He shook it a bit and chuckled, walking back around her…..

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