Part Two.

She tried to breathe deeply and not cry but before she finished the inhale, another blow landed. Her body attempted to bend over from the pain, but this just made her toes lift and her body swing from the chain. Finally a sob choked her as the blows came faster and the room rang out with her cry.

This is when time began to disappear for her… her body just became wracked with pain in every part. Her wrists hot from twisting in the rope, her fingers painfully cold from slow circulation. Her arms stung from the razor slices one man left on her as another man wrapped her hair around his hand and pulled her head back so far she could almost see the long line of men through the blur of the tears. She began to feel dizzy and no longer held herself up with her legs. Her body began to weaken and go limp with the punches to her kidneys and she couldn’t breathe through her bloodied, broken nose. The voices and laughs of the men sounded as though they were underwater. They occasionally groped her breasts so hard the bruises would show within a minute or two. A few of the men sucked on them while they choked her. Fingers would enter her and leave. So many lashes to her back and rump and legs made dark drip circles of blood below her, darkening the carpet. She couldn’t think straight any more; she couldn’t feel the difference between a slice and a stab and punch and a lash and a bash. For a short moment, her body began to shake from the weakness and she felt almost clear headed, but as she opened her mouth to speak, nothing came out. Her mouth was swollen and while she tried to form a word, the dizziness, the haziness returned and her body went limp. After what seemed like forever, one of the men turned her around to face the entrance they’d come through. She could barely make out the different shapes of men. The man who had started beating her with the bat came up to her and grabbed her face in his hand, forcing her to look at him. He smiled cruelly and told her that she was a fucking mess. She let out a little sob and he crushed her jaw in his strong fingers and chuckled.

She was barely conscious but she couldn’t help but wonder why’d they’d stopped. Her body hurt so bad that she couldn’t help but long for one of them to finish her off. She felt empty and wanted to die. It didn’t seem possible, but she began to cry, a pathetic, weak cry… but she needed mercy and felt that the cruelest part of all of this was that they were just going to leave her there.

While these thoughts waved in and out of her mind, another man had come into the studio. There was some low murmuring and then the man walked up to her. He grabbed her face like the other man had, but more gently. He shook it a little to force her to look at him.

His eyes were wide and bright blue. She knew these eyes! Her body tried to gasp from the recognition, but just made a horrible wheezing sound. She knew him so well but her mind was so slow that his name took a long time to drip itself into her consciousness.


While she slowly comprehended him, he cut the knot that held her up on the hook and she dropped to the floor. He’d tried to catch her in his arm, but her bruised, sweat-covered, red and bloodied body was too limp to grasp. She looked up at him with the deepest sadness, and he knelt down to her, wiping her forehead with him hand. He placed his lips near her ear and whispered a ‘shhh’.

To be continued…

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