Part Three.

The men who had beaten her stayed and watched him handle her in silence. The quietness was strange after all the screaming and sobbing and sounds of flesh being torn and beaten. The tension that had been relieved from all the violence seemed to build up in the room again.

She couldn’t stop staring at his face; disbelieving that it was him. She felt that she must be dreaming. He rolled her to lay on her back and kissed her forehead. Then he knelt between her legs and unbuttoned his pants. His expression changed from reassuring to determined and she returned his gaze, bewildered. He pulled his already stiff cock out of his pant and looked down at it as he rubbed it on her clit.

 She couldn’t pull her gaze from his face but felt confused. Hadn’t he come to save her? He looked up at her again and leaned forward slightly, placing her thumb on her lips. Her lips instinctively parted and accepted his thumb into her mouth. Understanding washed over her beaten body and her back arched a bit, pressing her opening on his large cock. He pushed his thumb further in to her mouth as she did this, and, breaking the tense silence, he said audibly, “Good girl”.

The voice, commanding her in his approval, caused a wash of desire to rush through her body and the excruciating pain seemed almost to disappear. He thrust his hard dick into her and began fucking her steadily. He moved his hand from her mouth and gripped her bruised thighs and pulled her hole onto him over and over, thrusting determinedly.

Her stare finally broke and she looked over to see the faces of all the men who had beaten her. They all watched with intense lust, none looking at her but just watching the thrusting, some with their own dicks in their hands. She felt a wave of peace as she looked over them and then back to the man she knew.

He began to pump her weakened body faster, grunting and cursing under his breath. She saw that she wasn’t there for him; she saw herself almost as if from far away, watching him fuck her, watching him enjoy her ruined body. He began to fuck her so hard that she couldn’t help but make moans of pleasure and her body shook with his selfishness so harshly that the pain came back viciously, each wound as if it were a new blow.

She thought he was close to climax, that soon it would be over. He seemed so engrossed in pumping her that surely he would come in her soon. But suddenly he stopped and pulled out. She gasped, but instantly he’d grasped her thigh and opposite arm harshly and flipped her onto her stomach. She let out a cry and then men chuckled.

She felt the man mount her legs and pry her cheeks open. He reached forward, putting the fingers of one hand to her lips, and again, instinctively they opened. He thrust his fore and middle fingers into her mouth and with his other hand, pressed the tip of his dick into her tight ass hole. Everything went silent again and a tear streamed down the side of her face onto his hand while he slowly shoved his dick into that hole. He was kind enough to push in very slowly. Then he pulled out just to the tip and sitting up more, he pulled her head back with his fingers fishhooked into her mouth. He held still just for a moment. She could hear him breathing heavily and she was sure she was going to pass out.

Then he suddenly shoved his dick into her ass with all the power of his body and he yelled in pleasure while she screamed past his fingers in pain. He began pounding her again like he had been before and her body released painful moans with each thrust. He took his fingers from her mouth while he fucked her and her head hit the carpet with a soft thud. He pressed his palm onto the back of her head while he continued to mercilessly thrust into her ass, The carpet fibers scratched her already tender face as it pushed into the floor and nearly suffocated her.

He pounded her ass over and over and the pain began to wash over with pleasure again. She squeezed her eyes shut but she could hear the slapping of his body against her and his grunts and the envious cheering of the men watching. She remembered his blue eyes and cried silently while he enjoyed her body selfishly.

Finally, after fucking the tightness out of her ass, he released his hand from her head and she heard him roar with pleasure and felt his hard dick pulsing the come into her body.

She lay there, unable to move. He stood up and collected himself, taking a few deep breaths and buttoning his pants. She felt herself drifting as she heard the familiar voices get further away. She just wanted it to be over; she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t dead yet, why her thoughts were still there.

The room went silent again, but this time an empty silence. They had finally gone. The man came to her and gently rolled her over. He squatted next to her ruined body and looked over it, lightly running his fingertips over her bruises and cuts. He then looked at her face; she could hardly open her eyes, they were so crusted with pain and tears. She could barely make him out, but he was looking at her sadly, kindly. He ran a finger over her lips and her lips opened, but he just moved the finger to her cheek. “Good girl” he whispered kindly to her. She had pleased him.

He put his arms beneath her and pulled her up from the floor. He carried her to a nearby futon mattress on the floor in a far, warmly lit corner of the studio. He laid her down and covered her with a soft blanket. Reaching for the balm on the end table nearby, he smiled at her, watching her watch his face. She found nothing but mercy there.

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