What difference does it make now?

i’ve gotten to the point where i have no center, no point of reference and how long am i supposed to care about that? i don’t have it in me. My greatest fucking strength is how weak i am.

So what does it matter if i’m in danger? A slave is a slave right? Who am i to believe that i deserve a certain level of respect? Shouldn’t i be nothing? And then, why does it matter who fucks me or how they fuck me? Why does it matter if they can’t see me?

Some people just can’t see you. Some people see you right away. Really see you. You see me.

Every time i think i cannot get more lost, i feel more lost.

There’s been discussion of my removing/changing the X on my hand. i don’t want to be a hypocrite… if there is anything i don’t want to be, it’s that. And i’ve been shown that i am the buzzkill… i am the child without expanded tastes… i am limiting. i am a slave but i am limiting. So fuck it all. Pass me the heroin, right?


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