I assume I’ve made you angry… or you’re just done. Either way, I understand.

Things are just falling apart. Every time I begin to pick myself up and dust myself off, something else happens.

I had emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed. I was hospitalized for two days and sent home with a drain. Where Damian and I continued to fight and even have a physical altercation.

I’ve started to take Celexa. It’s helping me not give a fuck about my life being fucked up as much.

Our car broke down completely and he needed to get to events to make money so we had to borrow money to rent a car and we used the money he made to buy a car from a friend who said it worked great and then had to be towed from their lot to a mechanic who kept putting us off and at the end of 10 days told us he had no idea what was wrong with it and to take it somewhere else. So we had to get it towed somewhere else and wait another week. Now it runs but it needs a new carburetor. I’m hoping it survives the winter. At this rate, not likely.

I got a $24,000 bill for my hospital stay. Plus $1000 for an ultrasound and $3000 for the anesthesiologist.

He refuses to giver her up, even though he only knew her for 3 days after he messed around with her. He says they’re “friends” and he “doesn’t want to be a jerk to her”. Nevermind me.

Today we got a notice that our rent is being raised by $125. That is a lot of fucking money to come up with per month. And our shit landlord wants the new rent amount on the 1st of December because she wrote November 1st on the paperwork, even though it’s postmarked November 13th. So she basically lied. We’re pretty sure she’s trying to force us to move out. But we can’t afford that either so we may have to go through an eviction just to have time ti figure out what to do and where to live.

I just really want to go to sleep and not wake up.

I hope things are good for you.

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